Grown Ups or Grown Ins?

First Blog post so of course why not talk about, DUN DUN DUN growing up. As a proud millennial, I don’t see myself “growing up” I feel as if I have the same outlook on life as I did a couple years back. But, I do feel as if I’ve grown into a more adult world.  Growing up with the rise of technology  has made it easier to acquire a wider sense of knowledge and a more broad look into the world we live today. We have to remember the same iPhone that a Silicon Techie is using to create a multimillion dollar company.  Is the same iPhone a 12-17 year old is taking selfies on. We all get the same News alert, and with pop culture drifting to more relevant forms for conversation you have to keep a head with whats going on. The dumb blonde girl ride has taken its course and who gives a fuck kind of hair color you have, its whats in between that counts just can’t stop selling tickets.   We had the “yuppies” and they had children, meaning us. From what I could gather Yuppies where yes, very smart in their field, very tailored and well groomed, also loved to live a big lifestyle. I think that in the late 80s everyone lived a Texan mentality, go big or go home. From the hair, to the shoulder pad and the intake of cocaine Americans loved, and we loved it big. Fast forwards 25-20 years and you have us. Most of my peers shop resale, have long beards, and boy do we love tattoos. Sounds like who they warned you about back in the 50s.  I guess every generation has their form of rebellion, but I do know one thing about us, we all want to succeed one way or another. We grew up with parents who had bosses who might have been great but for the most part just worked them till they could fuck them over. Im surrounded by more self starters than part timers. I end this blog post with some questions, are we growing up so fast they we never really grow up at all? Are we all making our own so no one can take it from us?


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